Your Story Is Our Story.

Chisto is a collective of independent designers and animators that all have a healthy obsession with their craft. We’re storytellers, innovators, and pioneers - masters of motion design with just enough irreverence to get the job done. We’ll work with you to cut through all the numbers and marketing jargon to reveal the true story that sits at the heart of your business. Then, we’ll help you tell it. Our goal is to help you problem-solve and scale with branding that tells your story.

Here’s how our animation and storytelling process works:


We believe in the old therapist truism: communication is key. It holds very true for animation. We start by sitting down and really getting to know your company. This is where we figure out things like the main message, target audience, and deadline, and more. 


After we’ve unearthed your story, we’ll set to work coming up with a brief. Like its name suggests, this is a “brief” summary of our overall animation or motion graphic design pitch. If you already have an idea, we'll formalize it. If not, no worries. We’ll dream one up for you.


Our professional scriptwriters create rich, engaging scripts that inform your audience while keeping them entertained. This isn’t B-flick fodder, either. There’s no clunky dialogue or unnecessary fluff. Just your story, told your way.

Voice over

Finding the right voice to tell your story might not seem important, but it makes all the difference. After all, their voice is your voice. Imagine if Mickey Mouse narrated all of Nike’s ads. Wouldn’t have the same punch, would it? We’ll pull from our network of professional voice actors to find the right voice for your brand.


Now, the real work begins. We’ll develop the look and feel of your animation, fleshing out the cinematic world and letting the ideas breathe. At this step, it’s helpful for you to share references with us to ensure our visions are aligned before deeper animation work begins. Here, the only limit is your imagination.


Once the atmosphere and style have been agreed upon, we storyboard out every scene, detailing characters, movements, and story beats. The storyboard is important because it’s the first time you really get to see the idea in its nascent visual format. It’s also the final step before animation begins, so this is the time to work out any narrative or artistic kinks.


This is where the magic happens. It’s why we do all of this in the first place. We set to work animating your story with a sharp eye for detail. This is where everything gets brought to life.

Sign Off

Once you’ve signed off on the final animation, we’ll prepare and export the files in whatever format works best for you. Whether it’s web, TV, or Tamagotchi, we’ll send you high-res files that are ready to be used the second you download them.

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